… and Palestine’s Obligations to Its Own People

Right after lunch on Saturday, Sept. 8, at Winnipeg’s classy Hotel Fort Garry, the Israel, Palestine & International Law symposium hooked up by Skype with Jonathan Kuttab. The goddess of technology had our back. The link worked perfectly — as the video below shows.

Jonathan is a human rights lawyer in Israel and Palestine. Having received his Doctor of Jurisprudence  (J.D.) at Virginia Law School, in 1979, he went on to co-found Al-Haq, Palestine’s first human rights/international law organization, the Mandela Institute for Political Prisoners, and the Palestinian Center for Study of Non-Violence (now Non-Violence International). Jonathan was a member of the legal team that negotiated the 1994 Cairo Agreement on the Gaza Strip and Jericho — the Oslo II Accord.

Joining Jonathan on Saturday afternoon — also from Al-Haq — was Suha Jarrar. Suha is Al-Haq’s Environmental and Gender Policy Researcher. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in environmental and gender studies from Trent University in Canada, and her Master of Science in Climate Change Science and Policy from the University of Sussex. Suha’s M.Sc. research focused on climate change adaptation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Listen to and watch Jonathan Kuttab and Suha Jarrar at this video link: